Samsung Retail

In-Store Experience, Web Dashboard

2017 @ R/GA

Samsung maintains a TV demo area in large electronics retailers – like Best Buy and Costco — across the country. Without a standardized model for the user’s experience, the system was hard for customers to understand and for Samsung to keep from breaking. Our team designed a simpler, more intuitive interaction model AND an architecture that Samsung could replicate and maintain at over 1,000 locations. The new experience doubled consumer understanding of product features while a maintaining 98% uptime rate.

the home view of the main touchscreen interface, showing different paths the customer can explore
a detail page in the touchscreen experience, showing details about the selected product and a selection of video clips about its features
a detail page in the touchscreen experience showing the technical specs for the selected product
the homepage of the analytics dashboard showing overall uptime and key performance stats
analytics dashboard page showing the status and performance of a single store
page in the analytics dashboard showing stats on the nationwide performance of content
a content management interface in the dashboard that lets marketers schedule and deploy new promotional content