Location Manager

2019 – 2020

People who own brick and mortar businesses spend hours every month updating their business information across multiple platforms. We identified this pain point and saw an opportunity to deliver on Squarespace’s promise to be an all-in-one platform for business by making this easier.

We answer was Location Management, a system to collect and sync business information. I worked closely with API docs and platform partners to ensure it was simple to use but flexible enough to accommodate a diverse range of service providers. Now, business owners manage their business details in one place that automatically updates a growing list of platforms and services including Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

  • 25k+ locations created
  • Hours of time saved
To manage a location, a business owner can enter information or import an existing Google business listing.
The location wizard breaks complex business information into simple steps. The business hours input here is a big improvement in ease and time saved over experiences on other platforms.
The simple user interface hides a lot of complexity. Fore example, each location must be checked against existing listings and verified using a poorly documented API.
When conflicts occur between Squarespace and a partner platform, users can resolve each instance in an efficent flow.
Locations are tightly integrated into the Squarespace editor. Managing your syndicated information feels just like managing any other site content.