Equinox Training
2018 — 2019

preview of Equinox Training


Equinox had a retention problem. Customers got world-class fitness instruction, but they weren’t renewing their training memberships. Trainers got world-class fitness education, but trainer turnover was high. Why were clients and trainers not seeing enough value to stay?


We started with a research sprint – immersing ourselves in individual training programs and interviews with trainers, clients, and mangers.

Not only did the team get in great shape, we discovered that using multiple tools and workflows distracted trainers from their clients. Limited by their tools, it was hard to offer a premium experience to the end user.

So clients weren't perceiving the value they paid for and not renewing their training subscriptions. Trainers, frustrated with the amount of extra work they had to do to compensate, were also leaving.

We needed to improve trainer quality of life, and deliver some tangible, brand-appropriate value.

the ancient trainer web app and a google sheet with an exercise program
The existing system was a mixture of old-school web dashboard for admin and Google sheets for client-facing workout programming.
a service map of the Equinox training experience
Our research indentified how much extra work trainers (blue) were doing for every client touchpoint (red). Meanwhile the brand (black) was getting almost zero credit.


Working together with a group of elite trainers — who reviewed a working prototype after every two week sprint —we designed a unified solution for existing client management, workout programming, and admin tasks. We also added a new feature called milestone tracking that let trainers deliver tangible value directly to their client's Equinox app.

the homescreen of the app on large and small screens
The homescreen is the trainer’s dashboard, showing them a high-level overview of how their month is tracking and what’s next on their schedule.
three client cards
The client object on the homepage level only shows critical information about their plan, and the most relevant action for the beginning of a session: start working out.
one expanded client card
The same client object expands in detail views to give a richer picture of the client and their progress over time.
the client list on large and small screens
The all clients view lets trainers get a sense of their full roster’s progress at a glance.
the calendar view on large and small screens
A new calendar replaced a dated implementation that didn’t work on mobile screens.
fitness milestones on a client's detail page
The new milestones feature lets trainers set, track, and share progress towards each client’s specific fitness goals.


The new app is in a gradual rollout to all Equinox locations. Early surveys have trainers rating it 4.5 / 5 stars overall, with 100% agreeing it will demonstrate more value for their clients.


  • Ben Downard 👉 Visual Design
  • Shank Raval 👉 Creative Director
  • Monica Jones 👉 Producer
  • Frank Yandolino 👉 Dev Lead