Samsung Retail Experience

Retail Installation, Analytics Dashboard
2017 – 2018 @ R/GA

Samsung maintains a TV demo area in every Best Buy store in the country. As features grew organically over time without a standardized model for the user’s experience, the system became both hard for customers to understand and for Samsung to keep running. To solve this problem our team had to not only design a simpler, more intuitive interaction model for the experience, but do so in a way that Samsung and its vendors could replicate and maintain at over 1,000 locations.

What made this project unique was its reliance on rapid physical prototyping and close collaboration with hardware and software engineers throughout the process. The same technical solution that lets the system be easy to update in production allowed me to iterate on tactile experiences almost as fast as digital ones. The end result is a system of experiences sharing a common physical interface, all networked and connected to a central infrastructure. Users only have to learn one way to interact with everything, and Samsung is able to update content from one place to every store. More importantly, Samsung is able for the first time to see real-time analytics on the performance of the system and its content through a web dashboard.

After its full rollout, the new experience has doubled consumer understanding of product features while a maintaining a 98% uptime rate.