Trial Experience

During their trial period, new Squarespace users are faced with learning a lot of new information and making decisions about their brand quickly. My team’s mission is to help new users find value with Squarespace during their free trial period, ultimately contributing to increased conversion rates and happy members. In addition, what we learn about the needs and pain points of new users has a direct benefit to other teams.

To accomplish these goals, my team has established a new (to Squarespace) way of working based on fast experimentation and learning. We, along with our UX research team, have run lots of experiments that, while not always improving conversion, have netted important learning for the organization. Highlights include:

  • A new user quiz that helps Squarespace understand customer needs and goals, with the goal of enabling users to select the best template for them.
  • An easy-to-access “Assistant” that guides users during onboarding, suggesting next steps and feature topics to explore.
  • A new onboarding flow that teaches the “building blocks” of the Squarespace editor.
  • A framework to enable targeted in-product surveys.

While this is an iterative process where learning is valued over positive outcomes, we have already seen business impact from this work.

  • Significant Increases in trial conversion
  • Millions of new customer data points unlocked for other teams
user intent survey screen
Fig 01

A survey during template selection asks users about their goals, topics, and audience to guide them to the best template and uncover new insights for the team.

template store header with custom message
Fig 02

Users who complete the survey land in the template store with customized suggestions and a personlized header message.

an onboarding modal asking what your site is called
Fig 03

Users go through an onboarding flow designed to teach them the core building blocks of Squarespace and get them excited about the possibilities of the platform.

the assistant feature on a squarespace site
Fig 04

Assistant is a persistent home in the product for guidance and education during trial.

sketches of the assistant
Fig 05

We iterate rapidly on Assistant to discover and deliver the most valuable content for new users. This version encourages early exploration of key features.

several versions of assistant
Fig 06

Assistant has evolved over time as new iterations are A/B tested against previous successes.

several states of a survey component modal
Fig 07

This in-product survey framework allows teams across the organization to poll users on key diagnostic metrics like ease of use, goal, or net promoter score.