TV Retail Experience

Samsung Television maintains a retail footprint in retail stores across the country. The interactive experience was showing its age – it was breaking more and sales associates were reporting customers didn’t understand key product features. They needed a way to increase the reliability of the technology and clarify the user experience.

After observing sales staff in the field, I led the team in role-playing exercises to understand the spatial and interaction needs of salespeople and customers on the floor. We learned that flatter interactions were best and that getting to some critical information fast was more important than getting to all the information.

Relying on rapid physical prototyping and close collaboration with hardware and software engineers, we created a networked system of installations which could be monitored and administered remotely. I designed a dashboard that, for the first time ever, let the Samsung team learn from and improve the experience in real time.

  • 2x consumer understanding
  • 96% average uptime