Personal Trainer App

Equinox customers got world-class fitness instruction, but they weren’t renewing their training memberships. Trainers got world-class fitness education, but trainer turnover was high. How could we solve this retention problem — helping both groups see enough value to stay?

After an immersive research sprint (where we all got in great shape), we found that trainers were distracted by redundant tools and workflows and therefore limited in the value they could deliver to their clients.

Working together with a group of elite trainers — who reviewed a working prototype after every two week sprint — we designed a unified solution for existing client management, workout programming, and admin needs. Besides streamlining the basics, we added a new feature called milestone tracking letting trainers deliver tangible value directly to their client’s home screen.

  • 4.5/5 stars from trainers
  • 100% said it will be valuable for their clients
trainer app homescreen
Fig 01

The new app homescreen put trainers’ daily priorities right in front of them. Is my business tracking well? Who am I seeing today? What am I doing with them?

list of clients in the trainer app
Fig 02

The new client list highlights progress over time. Trainers can see all the important business and fitness metrics for every client. This used to span several apps and sites.

the old system
Fig 03

The existing system was a mixture of old-school web dashboard for admin, Google sheets for client-facing workout programming, and text messages for communication.

a user journey map
Fig 04

Our research indentified how much extra work trainers (blue) were doing for every client touchpoint (red). Meanwhile the brand (black) was getting almost zero credit.

expanded client listing
Fig 05

While the client object on the homescreen only shows critical information, the same component expands in detail views to give a richer picture of the client and their progress over time.

cards with client goals
Fig 06

The new milestones feature lets trainers set, track, and share progress towards each client’s specific fitness goals.