Samsung needed help turning a brittle site into smart and flexible system. Our design had to support individual shoppers across a huge range of products — from stoves to smartphones. To figure out how, I helped lead a team of UX researchers and designers on a cross-country research tour. We used in-home interviews, usability tests, and retail shop-alongs to understand how people research, shop and buy products across the Samsung range.

Back at R/GA, we emerged from our mountain of post-it notes with a system of reusable content blocks informed by the users pain points and needs. Since it was hard to find non-smartphone products — making other shoppers feel like “second class citizens” — we created a new flattened global navigation. Since products in the same range were impossible to tell apart, we designed a new product grid focused on key differences. And we eliminated a whole section of the site, moving content showing the product in action from marketing landing pages into the main purchase flow.

Our initial launch resulted in an immediate 40% increase in conversion — it turns out the customer was right. And when a later shift in strategy made our initial building blocks too restrictive, a small team and I deconstructed them into a design system and living styleguide. This tool lets teams at both R/GA and Samsung continue to create much richer pages out of a common set of building blocks.

Check out below for images of the site and styleguide with handy notes.

Dotcom User Journey
I documented the user journey for each of the major shopper types coming to the site.
Dotcom Global Navigation
The new global navigation with flattened hierarchy.
Page Header for Tab S3
Each product's differentiating specs are front and center, with an option to dive deep.
Dotcom Product Finder Page
The product finder shows users the most different features, not just ones featured in marketing.
Styleguide Intro Animation
Styleguide Buttons Section
Styleguide Grid Module
The styleguide site featured an interactive grid component to see how elements adapt to different breakpoints.
Styleguide Page Types Section
A section of the styleguide for marketing project leads to make sure they choose the right page for the job.