Equinox Personal Training

Progressive Web App
2018 – 2019 @ R/GA

Equinox personal trainers used spreadsheets and personal text messages to manage their clients and track workouts. The lack of a seamless client experience caused the business to lose clients year over year because customers weren’t seeing enough value to renew their subscriptions.

My team’s challenge was to create more value for training clients without adding more administrative burden for trainers. Every trainer we spoke to got into the business to empower people to achieve fitness and mental goals. The baseline experience of a mix of a web apps, spreadsheets, and communication styles pulled their focus away from that, and their clients felt it.

Our final product was a progressive web app that combined schedule management, fitness programming, and client goal tracking – three domains handled by different apps – into a unified experience. This allowed trainers to do less context switching and put their focus back on helping their clients achieve more.

The new app is slowly rolling out to all Equinox clubs. Trainers rate the experience 4.5 / 5 stars overall and 100% surveyed think it will add value for clients.